Bible Studies

Bible Studies

We love Bible Studies!

We are "just Christians" and we use "only the Bible" to guide our faith in Jesus Christ and our practice as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of His church that He has purchased with His own precious blood. These studies are open to the public.

For more information contact:

Gene Morgan, Evangelist

Cell: 352.672.0920

Sunday AM Bible Study

Sunday: 9AM Teacher: Steve Rhoden, "1 Peter"

Sunday Worship

Sunday: 10AM, 6 PM

Midweek All Church Bible Study

Wednesday Evening Study: 7:30PM

Teacher: Gene Morgan, "Study of the book of Revelation"

Coming Soon: "Study of Paul's Letter to the Romans"

Mens' Bible Study 

Coming Soon!

Individual Bible Study

If you would like to have an individual Bible study, we can meet you either at the church building or at your home.


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